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April 3, 2018
By Marc Saulino

www.statementgames.com continues to grow its community via a new form of Fantasy Sports.  From our ability to ENTERTAIN the casual and diehard sports fan – our platform has been featured on outlets such as ABC, CBS, FOX & NBC.  We have also been able to align ourselves with excellent content marketing partners such as SportsOnTheGo1, NYY Sports Talk, The Knick Of Time Show & NJ Devils Army Blog just to name a few.  Partnering with other content providers will continue to play a role in the organizations growth strategy which is why we are thrilled to announce a new partnership with the “SUPER UGLY SHOW”.

The SUPER UGLY SHOW streams live on www.youtube.com every Tuesday Night at 7:30 PM.  The show is hosted by Rocky Lalumia, Ritchie & John Kujawa.  This show has some edge and is not for the faint of heart!  They will chime in on weekly current events, wrestling, John’s love life, etc. with a “Regular Guy’s” perspective.   We are continuing with this partnership because of the strong synergies within the demographics of StatementGames and the SUPER UGLY SHOW.  In an effort to give my community some more insight… I recently had an opportunity to sit down with Rocky Lalumia!

Interview Rocky Lalumia Of “SUPER UGLY SHOW”!

(Marc):  I am hooked!  I am tuned into you guys every Tuesday at 7:30 PM but instead of me blabbering on about how wonderful you guys are… hoping you can give my readers a brief overview of what the show is about?

(Rocky):  Our show really is not about just one thing. We will discuss things that have happen to us during the week, news stories, sports news, wrestling news, family life, wives, kids, etc. Really anything we want to discuss we do. There is no set format to our show. Which I think sets aside from other podcasts. We just want to entertain by talking about what we find interesting.

(Marc):  How did you get started with the show and how long have you been doing it?

(Rocky):  Its been three years now since its started. The show began with Rich and I doing an audio only version. But we would talk in the barber shop and everyone around us would get involved in our conversations so we thought why not put mics in front of us and throw it out there for people to hear. So it came to fruition through barber shop talk.

(Marc):  Most memorable moment you have from the show?

(Rocky):  There are a lot here, the day John wore a shock collar, having Vince Russo on several times ( we even did a roast for him it was a train wreck), becoming official members of the monster squad when we had Andre Gower on. Just to name a few.

(Marc): So… you have been playing www.statmentgames.com.  With the format of our game in mind – give me 3 “Statements” on what you feel will take place in the upcoming WRESTLEMANIA 34?

(Rocky):  I think we will see The Rock show up, hopefully we get a Roman Reigns heel turn, and Ronda Rousey’s debut will be gigantic.

(Marc):  Future plans for SUPER UGLY SHOW as we make the turn into the Spring – Summer Of 2018?

(Rocky): To take over the podcast game with our new partnership. LMAO

(Marc):  Thanks Rocky!!!  This has been FUN!

Must Be Subscribed To “SUPER UGLY SHOW” (www.youtube.com) To Take Advantage Of Bellow Offer.

StatementGames INC has worked with a few partners like the SUPER UGLY SHOW in putting together a WRESTLEMANIA 34 Prize Package!!!  You can access to details of this prize package by texting SUS to 1 516 207 0905 or simply click on http://nq5x4.urlit.us.   One lucky winner will receive:

  1. 3 Month WWE Network Gift Card
  2. Wrestlemania 34 T-Shirt
  3. Wrestlemania 34 Program

This package is valued at $80.00!

Extra entries into this contest can be had if you follow the below Twitter handles:

  1. @SuperUglyShow
  2. @rok661123
  3. @john_kujawa

Reach out to marketing@statementgames.com with any questions you may have.


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