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July 12, 2019
By StatementGames Team

5 Reasons Why Your Doctor Advises You To Play www.statementgames.com!

StatementGames Inc. has a new twist on Fantasy Sports.  Watch our overview video HERE.  Our game is simple and through performance, you have the opportunity to claim THOUSANDS of $$$ in REWARDS.  According to the medical industry, platforms like StatementGames is good for your mental and physical health.  Five reasons on why health professionals would advise you to play games like www.statementgames.com.


As the digital world evolves, it is very easy to become isolated.  StatementGames has created technology that improves social interaction and friendships.  Today our community enjoys the ability to create custom / private tournaments to stay connected with friends, associates, family members, etc. by playing a sports game.  A study by Live Science determined that playing forms of fantasy sports builds camaraderie because of the interaction it generates.  This is significant because such interactions within a group can serve as a stress reliever.  Less stress leads to a healthier lifestyle.  For details on how you can create your own private StatementGames tournament, click HERE.


StatementGames is generating friendly competition.  According to Dr. Lisa Firestone from Psychology Today, competitive feelings are good!  She believes that allowing yourself to feel your competitive feelings cleanly and directly is healthy.

Critical Thinking / Decision Making

StatementGames is about critical thinking and decision making. You are handicapping a sporting event and making decisions on select outcomes by making OVER / UNDER Prop Picks.  According to Filtered, there are many mental benefits to critical thinking such as enhanced communication skills, and a increased appreciation of views that differ from your-own.  For example, trying to figure out why one of your competitors selected the New York Yankees UNDER 0.5 HR in an specific game when they are clearly averaging 1.6 HR Per Game.


This one applies to individuals who enjoy organizing private tournaments on www.statementgames.com.  Being a private tournament organizer signifies that you have LEADERSHIP qualities.  You are selecting games for your group to participate in.  You may even be creating customized stakes and rules for participation.  Leadership Expert find great health benefits in this.  In order for the leaders game to be successful, enthusiasm for the game he / she is creating must be generated.  Through enthusiasm the organizer is stimulating participation leading to camaraderie, competition, critical thinking, etc.

Increased Productivity In The Work Force!

Quantum Workplace surveyed close to 1,500 employees in 2015 from companies across the US.  They found that employees who participate in platforms like statementgames.com with coworkers were more engaged at work by almost 12% than employees who played forms of fantasy sports with just NON office buddies. This survey also found that employees playing fantasy sports with coworkers are better at working within a team and have less trust issues than those who do not.  Being unhappy / unfulfilled with work will take a toll on your mental health, relationships, and even lifespan.

There you have it… quality rest, balanced diet, regular exercise and daily play on www.statementgames.com will lead to a productive career and long happy life #FACTS 😊!

Upcoming Ticket Giveaway Contests – New York Yankees

This week we have a pair of New York Yankees tickets to give away.  For an opportunity to WIN 2 FREE Grandstand Infield Thursday July 18th Tampa Bay Rays Vs New York Yankees – David Cone Bobble Head Night (Bronx, NY – Yankee Stadium) you must:

  • Be Able to Attend Tampa Bay Rays Vs New York Yankees Thursday July 18, 2019
  • Follow StatementGames Inc. On Facebook & Twitter

Your July 12 -14 www.statementgames.com Schedule – Starting With Friday July 12, 2019

MLB | Pittsburgh Pirates Vs Chicago Cubs | Projected Starters: Chris Archer Vs Yu Darvish | MLB Network | 2:20 PM EST
Toronto Blue Jays Vs New York Yankees | MLB | Projected Starters: Aaron Sanchez Vs Domingo German | MLB Network | 7:05 PM EST
MLB |Atlanta Braves Vs San Diego Padres | Projected Starters: Dallas Keuchel Vs Dinelson Lamet | MLB Network | 10:10 PM EST

Saturday July 13, 2019

MLB |Toronto Blue Jays Vs New York Yankees | Projected Starters: Clayton Richard Vs J.A. Happ | MLB Network | 1:05 PM EST
Chicago White Sox Vs Oakland Athletics | MLB |Projected Starters: Undecided Vs Chris Bassitt | FS1 | 4:07 PM EST
MLB | Los Angeles Dodgers Vs Boston Red Sox | Projected Starters: Ross Stripling Vs Chris Sale | FOX | 7:15 PM EST

Sunday July 14, 2019 

* If you are attending any of the below games, take a picture of yourself at the ballpark!  Post this picture along with a screenshot of your StatementGames picks.  Be sure to tag @Statementgames on Facebook / Twitter and we will add 500 coins to your account balance.  These coins will count towards the JULY LEADERBOARD!

** #LADVsBOS game sponsored by BigGuy Fantasy Sports.  Owner Bob Lung is recognized nationally as a Fantasy Football Expert.  He has contributed on platforms such as Rotojunkie, CreativeSports, Fox Sports, Fanball, RotoExperts & Sirius XM Fantasy Sports Radio.  Through is work with BigGuy Fantasy sports he produces a “Consistency Guide” that will assist any Fantasy Football enthusiast with their upcoming Fantasy Football draft or NFL gaming ventures.  This guide is over 150 pages and packed with information.  It retails for $11.69 as a top seller on Amazon but will be sent to the overall Tournament WINNER FREE!

MLB | Washington Nationals Vs Philadelphia Phillies | Projected Starters: Max Scherzer Vs Undecided | TBS | 1:05 PM EST
MLB | Los Angeles Dodgers Vs Boston Red Sox | Projected Starters: Hyun-Jin Ryu Vs David Price | ESPN | 7:00 PM EST



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