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What Is the StatementGames Inc. Sponsored Content Program?

StatementGames Inc., a media and Casual Sports gaming company, launched a program that connects brands with sports fans.  The company works with partners in creating content that is distributed and tracked strategically.  By connecting brands with consumers through sports, the program demonstrates to brands how consumers are more receptive to receiving their offers and / or purchasing their products.

Core content formats used as part of this program include short and long form editorial, video, digital marketing push notifications and the StatementGames Platform.  These formats are wrapped up into a 360° marketing eco-system and deployed via channels such as Blogs, Social Media, E-mail, etc.

The programs high-level reach:

  • Male / Female
  • Sports Fans
    • Attended at least 2 Sporting Events in the past 6 Months
    • Frequented A Casino in the past 12 Months
  • United States & Canada
  • Desktop / Mobile WEB / Mobile App Users
    • Chrome
    • iOS
    • Android

Why Sponsored Sports Content?  Why StatementGames Inc.?

59% of Americans describe themselves as sports fans.  – Gallup Poll

If an organization has a brand, product, service, etc. that can be associated with sports, creating Sponsored Sports Content gives these organizations a strategic opportunity.  An opportunity that allows such organizations to easily ENGAGE potential consumers.

“Brand engagement goes hand in hand with customer engagement and engaged customers to translate to increased revenues, profitability, and market share.” National Business Research Institute

From a marketing perspective, there are several content creation solutions that exist.  However, only StatementGames Inc. has the ability to create engaging content  while capturing core insights via its patent pending gaming system.

From a B2C perspective, StatementGames Inc. is a simple game with a different twist on Fantasy Sports.  When looking at B2B opportunities, the StatementGames platform is a marketing SYSTEM that captures insights and leverages such insights to drive business and quantifiable user engagement.  Organizations that do a great job in connecting their product with sports fans are wasting marketing dollars if they are not capturing the data behind such engagement.  Businesses who aim to maximize engagement efforts, StatementGames is a marketing platform designed to drive results.”  – StatementGames Inc. CEO, Marc Saulino

How Does the StatementGames Inc. Sponsored Content Program Work?

StatementGames Inc. works with their partners via the following steps:

  1. Identifying Goals and Marketing KPIs
  2. Defining Fan Engagement Services
  3. Craft & Publish Content That Engage Sports Fans
  4. Capture Insights
  5. Create Targeted Campaigns that leverage data captured

For more information about StatementGames, please contact marketing at statementgames dot com.