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September 25, 2018
By StatementGames Team

StatementGames Inc. & The Lead Sports Media Announce Content Syndication Partnership

As part of its membership value add strategy, StatementGames Inc., a unique, non-money online sports gaming platform, announced today a strategic content syndication partnership with The Lead Sports Media, LLC.   The Lead Sports media provides coast to coast NBA content via www.theleadsportsmedia.com.   Via the partnership, StatementGames Inc. is getting an opportunity to provide its growing membership base with premium NBA content by syndicating The Lead Sports Media, LLC content.   The Lead Sports Media, LLC is getting an opportunity to reach a NEW community eager for NBA content.  Both organizations will also benefit from a simple SEO back linking strategy.

“Yes, the StatementGames Inc. community consumes our blog content if it can assist them in playing NBA tournaments on www.statementgames.com.   With that said our blog content also helps our community in areas of sports betting, prop wagering, fantasy Basketball and much more!  Our partnership with The Lead Sports Media will allow us to bring information to our user base in a creative way that covers the above mentioned vertical.  We are extremely pleased to be working with the Lead Sports Media team!” (StatementGames Inc. CEO, Marc Saulino)

“TLSM is very excited to open a new partnership with Statement Games, an outstanding outlet for fantasy sports. This will be a great opportunity to grow two unique and upcoming brands in the sport industry.”  (The Lead Sports Media CEO – Eric Peterson)

About StatementGames, Inc.

Featured on outlets such as ABC, CBS, FOX & NBC… StatementGames has as a new twist on fantasy sports.  Their Patent Pending technology provides sports fans with an opportunity to play a FREE on-line game that tests their handicapping skills.  Members of StatementGames select and rank prop-statements related to individual sporting events instead of drafting players.  Their ability to pick correct statements determines their outcome within the game.  A 1-minute overview video of StatementGames can be found at HERE.

About The Sports Lead Media

The Lead Sports Media LLC is an NBA network that has covered all 30 teams in the association since 2014. Much of our content appears on Bleacher Report and is featured in numerous other locations.