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May 3, 2018
By StatementGames Team

StatementGames INC & Empire Sports Media Announce Partnership

Medford, NY (May 3, 2018) – As part of its growth strategy, StatementGames Inc., a unique, non-money online fantasy sports platform, today announced a strategic partnership with Empire Sports Media, and online sports news outlet focusing on the New York Giants, Yankees and Mets, to provide up to the minute information on teams, scores and players, that will help Statement Games fans better enjoy their online gaming experience.

“This partnership gives StatementGames tournament players access to content that is hyper focused on New York sports teams, which is a large part of our fan base,” said StatementGames CEO Marc Saulino. “As an accredited resource for information, this relationship will assist members in playing tournaments that are specific to NYC teams while keeping informed on team developments.”

“Partnering up with StatementGames is beneficial for both audiences, which will benefit from the combination of a state of the art fantasy sports platform as well as a growing digital content provider,” said Alexander Wilson, Founder. “Statement Games CEO Marc Saulino is a forward thinking, passionate entrepreneur. All of us at Empire Sports Media are excited to be involved with Marc and his expanding network.”

About StatementGames, Inc.

StatementGames has a new take on fantasy sports.  Our non-money tournaments afford an opportunity to test sports knowledge by selecting and ranking prop-statements on the game being played in addition to the players involved. Review a pre-defined list of statements and select 10. Then rank your statements from (10) most confident choice to (1).  www.statemengames.com is changing the way fans watch sporting events.



About Empire Sports Media

Empire Sports Media is a New York Giants and New York Mets specific sports media platform, set out to cover with accuracy, trust and benevolence. As one of the rapidly growing news outlets on the internet, we make it our priority to provide up-to-date coverage and analysis on your favorite team. Here at Empire Sports Media, we want you to follow YOUR team, harness YOUR voice, and make YOUR stand. Follow us on Instagram and like us on Facebook.