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May 1, 2018
By StatementGames Team 

StatementGames Inc. & 4for4.com Patnership

As part of its growth strategy, StatementGames Inc., a unique, non-money online fantasy sports platform, announced today a strategic partnership with 4for4.com, an online, premium subscription service that gives subscribers a competitive advantage in their fantasy football hobby to provide up to the minute information on teams, scores and players, to offer yearly subscriptions to 4for4.com as prizes to winners in StatementGames tournaments.

“Our partnership with 4for4.com will add value to our platform by offering premium content, guidance and advice for fantasy football fans and will consistently help our members organize and set their weekly lineups,” said StatementGames CEO Marc Saulino. “Fantasy sport players already love 4for4.com and so we’re proud to be working with them to help our members enhance their StatementGames experience. Being able to win a 4for4.com subscription will be very attractive to our more elite players.”

“We’re delighted to be working with StatementGames and Marc to offer 4for4.com subscriptions to members,” said Luis Escalante, Director of Digital Strategy for 4for4.com. “It’s a perfect match, both being able to share our content with StatementGames members and offering subscriptions to winners of weekly tournaments.”

About StatementGames, Inc.

StatementGames has a new take on fantasy sports.  Our non-money tournaments afford an opportunity to test sports knowledge by selecting and ranking prop-statements on the game being played in addition to the players involved. Review a pre-defined list of statements and select 10. Then rank your statements from (10) most confident choice to (1).  www.statemengames.com is changing the way fans watch sporting events.

About 4for4.com

4for4.com Fantasy Football is home of the most accurate fantasy football rankings since 2010, is an online, premium subscription service that offers a competitive advantage and increases enjoyment and success in fantasy football hobbies. As a leading web-based fantasy football research, analysis and information site, we provide accurate rankings, insightful analysis and state of the art decision support tools for the singular purpose of enabling our subscribers to improve in their fantasy football endeavors. We use innovation, customer feedback, networking and mathematical science to continually drive meaningful improvement.


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