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April 25, 2019
By StatementGames Team

The StatementGames Fantasy Sports LEADERBOARD has been Re-Configured (Effective 04/22/2019).  Our LEADERBOARD calls out users who are performing at a high level over the course of a month.  Three components now comprise the LEADERBOARD – COINS EARNED, WINS & TOURNAMENT WINS .  Members who obtain a top 10 slot at the end of the month will be rewarded with COINS.  Visit the LEADERBOARD tab for details on how COINS will be distributed.

LEADERBOARD Architecture & Overview

One way StatementGames fantasy sports measures success is through earning coins (Coins Earned), winning contests (Wins) & winning tournaments (Tournament Wins) over the course of a given month.  We will outline these points in more detail but before we do so… it is important to understand the architecture of our sports gaming platform.

StatementGames technology is a system & process that is patent pending.  Our technology organizes “Contests” that feature OVER / UNDER sports PROPS specific to a sporting event into games that is played by our community members.  Contests allow for 8-12 participants, but once contests reach max participation… they close and the StatementGames system will generate a new CONTEST.   This process will run indefinitely up until game time of the featured sporting event.  All contests operate within the framework of a TOURNAMENT.  Multiple contests can be associated with a single TOURNAMENT.

When competing for LEADERBOARD Status, make sure you are selecting contests that are labeled LEADERBOARD.  You will see this label directly within the contest title.   In the image below, notice the title of the two contests.  SINGLE (NBCSN) | CBJ Vs BOS | LEADERBOARD & SINGLE (TNT) | DEN Vs SAS | LEADERBOARD

This title is telling you that the contest being run is taking place over the course of a SINGLE sporting event being shown on NBCSN / TNT between the Blue Jackets Vs Bruins / Nuggets Vs Spurs and how both contests count towards the LEADERBOARD.


  1. Coins Earned – StatementGames will continue to improve upon ways in which coins can be earned. Coins that count towards the LEADERBOARD can be earned in the following ways – Referring additional community members, completing specific social media tasks (Follow us on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram = @StatementGames) and finishing in 1st, 2nd or 3rd in any StatementGames LEADERBOARD contest.
  2. WINS – Finish in 1st place in any LEADERBOARD CONTEST. The WINS category of the LEADERBOARD tracks the top members who are accumulated WINS.
  3. TOURNAMENT WINS – Tournament Winners are individuals who have earned the most points of all the Contest Winners.  For example, in the above image lets assume the CBJ Vs BOS game generates 10 contests.  In theory we could have 10 different contest winners.  Of all the contest winners – the user with the most points is awarded with a Tournament WIN.




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