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By StatementGames Team

Myth Vs Reality

So, you have been trained to believe that there is no such thing as a free lunch!  Well with www.statementgames.com we continue to prove this popular phrase to be more of a myth than reality.  Throughout September 2018 StatementGames Inc. has given away:

  • $200 Cash
  • $500 In Sporting Event Tickets
  • Over $300 In T-Shirts
  • Over $300 In Gift Cards

Plus… we have already received feedback on:

Who Has Benefited & How

High Five! LEADERBOARD Re-Set To Zero!!!

THOUSANDS have been able to benefit!  How???  By simply playing www.statementgames.com and having FUN with a new TWIST on Fantasy Sports!

Yes, even more will be up for grabs this month!   What will you be able to get your hands on?   Also – with the start of October… our LEADERBOARD is re-set to ZERO.   Same rules… Finish 1st in “WINS” Or “Coins Earned” and receive a $50 Cash Gift Card.  Finish 2nd Or 3rd and receive a $25 Cash Gift Card.

Contact marketing at statementgames dot com with any questions that come up.  When you can, shoot us a note and let us know of your thoughts on prizes and experiences you would like to compete for.  Your feedback is greatly appreciated!


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