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April 23, 2018
By Ralph Costanza


With the single most intriguing NFL draft of all time coming up this Thursday night, the maniacal fans of the NFL have been peppering social media with what they think is about to go down.  The speculation and fanfare is friggin’ awesome. I’ve never seen anything like it.  And with the NFL setting a new standard these past 2 years in the trade market, perhaps the one thing this sport had been missing, I can’t imagine the anticipation of a NFL draft like the one that will take place on April 26th of 2018. 

The Browns will trade the 4th pick. The Giants are taking Barkley, right?  Jets, Mayfield.  Easy.  I can mock this draft with my eyes closed. For sure.  But, you should not be sold on any of that because the minute you start to think you have this thing mapped out, another rumor pops up and you’re scrambling to put together a new scenario.  Trying to buckle down on a single idea for the first round has been exhausting. I have been super impressed with how creative and influential my twitter followers have been in swaying my own predictions.  Especially with trade scenarios. Unbelievable.  Convincing. Make my head hurt some more why don’t you, my god. Anyway I was able to brainstorm in a way like no other.


StatementGames Lobby

Enter Statementgames.com – the ONLY website hosting a 2018 FANTASY NFL DRAFT TOURNAMENT where you can choose the TEN most likely things you think will happen in this draft. How many RB’s will be taken in the first round?  Will Saquon Barkley be chosen as a TOP 3 pick? How many trades will go down in the first round?  You are in the war room.  You’re the GM.  

It’s like this. You don’t need to wait til September for Fantasy Football to begin. When you show up to your draft party with your 12-pack of IPA’s, and your douche-bag, big mouth, know-it-all homeboy starts spewing FACTS about how the draft will play out; right before you smack him…..you can take out your StatementGames card and show him what’s up.

Create your own tournament and challenge everyone at that party. You can get any more fun than this. Here are some of my picks below, but I will be posting my full card on twitter Thursday morning at @saveriosg1


Bradley Chubb WILL BE Drafted TOP 5 First Round

Saquon Barkley WILL BE Drafted TOP 3 First Round

Trades Announced During First Round OVER 1.5


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