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January 11, 2018
By Nicholas Reyes

New York Knicks At The Half Way Point

The New York Knicks are at the half way point after just completing their 41st game last night.  It took double overtime against the Chicago Bulls for them to just come up short of bringing themselves back within one game of .500.  The Knicks right now sit with a record of 19-22, 10th in the Eastern Conference.  But opposed to last year at this mark, with a record of 18-23, they don’t feel like that same “Dead Men Walking” team featuring Carmelo Anthony.  You see grit, heart and passion from this team.  Jeff Hornacek at times has this team playing offense as well as defense with everything they have to offer.  But still these current Knicks are just not there yet.  Can they still make the playoffs? Maybe.


New York Knicks Mid Year Grade


Im going to give the Knicks the grade of a C for the first half.  There have been a lot of good things about them over the first 41 games.  The emergence of players such as Michael Beasley, Doug McDermott and Enes Kanter has given fans new faces to cheer for. The main down points would be the Tim Hardaway leg injury and the inconsistent shooting of Kristaps Porzingis.  KP is still learning how to combat being the focus of everyone’s defensive game plan.  So on days he will show stats of an MVP and on other days he will go cold complaining of tiredness. 


With the return of Tim Hardaway looming, Hardaway’s threat as a 3-point shooter will create more space for Porzingis.  Also with the rookie play of Frank Ntilikina emerging, who knows where this team can go.  It will be asking a lot for the Knicks to get over .500 by the end of the year, but I still see promise that they will land one of the last two seeds in the Eastern Conference.  After the offseason they went through with Phil Jackson being fired and Carmelo being sent to Oklahoma City, that wouldn’t be too bad. These Knicks appear on the right path.  They’re certainly not afraid to compete.  All they need now is to work on trying to be good and closing out games.


Game 42 – New York Knicks Vs Minnesota Timberwolves


Tomorrow night the Knicks head to Minnesota to face an up and coming Timberwolves team. The Wolves sit 4th in the Western Conference with a record of 27-16.  In that match up for those who will be looking to play on statementgames.com, look to see:


Jimmy Butler OVER 5.5 ASSISTS

Kristaps Porzingis OVER 6.5 Rebounds