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August 15, 2019
By StatementGames Team

Project 10 NFL OVER / UNDER WIN Totals Can Earn You An NFL Jersey Of Your Choice

Baltimore Ravens OVER / UNDER 8.5 Wins, New York Giants OVER / UNDER 6.5 Wins, New England Patriots OVER / UNDER 11 Wins, etc.  As the NFL Pre-Season moves into the dog days of August, fans are starting to form opinions (Good & Bad) on which teams will perform during the 2019 season.  Via the StatementGames Inc. fantasy sports gaming platform – making FREE picks can earn you an NFL Jersey of your choice.

What Is “StatementGames”?

www.statementgames.com offers a new form of fantasy Football – FREE!  In simple terms, the platform offers sports fans an ability to play a game with a different take on Fantasy Sports.  The video found HERE provides a demo on how to play.  By playing, end users and community members join tournaments that follow a format that combines features from daily fantasy sports, pick’em leagues and traditional Prop plays.

Tournaments are built around specific sporting events.  (Ex. New York Giants Vs DallasCowboys)  All tournaments present a list of “Prop-Statements” to the participant.  (Ex. Eli Manning OVER / UNDER 270 YDS Passing,  Dallas Cowboys DEF OVER / UNDER 1.5 Sacks, etc.)  Users play in games that consists of 8-12 contestants by making 10 “Prop-Statement” picks and ranking them from 10 Through 1.  Points are earned for correct selections.  (If your 10 PT pick becomes correct you earn 10 PTS.  Should 9-1 become incorrect you now have a total of 10 Total PTS)  The contestant with the most points from correct picks at the end of NYG Vs DAL GAME WINS.  The community competes for StatementGames Coins which are awarded for finishing 1st, 2nd & 3rd.  Building up an account balance with StatementGames Coins allows you to exchange those credits for REWARDS.

How Can You WIN A FREE NFL Jersey?

Play in our MidWest Fantasy Football Expo Tournament by taking a look at our list of WIN totals for every NFL team.  Make 10 OVER / UNDER WIN Total Projections and rank them in order of confidence.  At the end of the 2019 NFL season if you are our Tournament WINNER – an NFL Jersey of your choice is all yours!

Play Now!

What Is The MidWest Fantasy Football Expo?

More details on the MidWest Fantasy Football Expo can be found HERE.  The expo is taking place this Sunday 08.18 in Canton, OH.  If you plan on attending the event you can pick up admission tickets HERE.  Use PROMO Code “SG” for $5 off your admission.


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