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September 4, 2019
By StatementGames Team

FantasyData & StatementGames Test Data Subscriptions

FantasyData & StatementGames Inc. are testing the demand for sports data subscriptions amongst the StatementGames community by allowing users to compete for FREE data services.  FantasyData’s research tools are built to offer a no-nonsense, easy-to-use source for sports data that allows fans, writers and data junkies a platform to filter, sort, and download in-depth state.  StatementGames members will have an opportunity to WIN a FREE subscription from FantasyData by competing in select Tournaments on www.statementgames.com.

Overview of how the game is played

Overall Tournament Winners will WIN a Free 1-month subscription in addition to StatementGames Coins.

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Quote from StatementGames Inc. CEO Marc Saulino

“We feel there is a big demand for data.  If it can give you a competitive edge – take it!  Our exploration process with FantasyData is mutually beneficial.  It strengthens what can be a very strategic relationship for our organization while giving our community an opportunity to become familiar with a great resource.  Vice versa.”

About FantasyData

FantasyData was founded in 2008, and has grown to become a leading sports data company, providing real-time and post-game feeds across all major sports to both the fantasy and other industries.

About StatementGames Inc.

Featured on outlets such as ABC, CBS, FOX & NBC… StatementGames Inc. has a new twist on fantasy sports.  Their Patent Pending technology provides sports fans with an opportunity to play a FREE on-line game that tests their handicapping skills.  Members of StatementGames select and rank prop-statements related to individual sporting events instead of drafting players.  The USER’S ability to pick correct statements determines their outcome.  A one-minute overview video on StatementGames Inc. can be found HERE.


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