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March 16, 2019
By Adrian Reyes

StatementGames REWARDS Creates Unique Fantasy Sports Experience

When competing in Fantasy Sports, what is more REWARDING than WINNING?  We wouldn’t play fantasy sports if we thought we were going to lose. We play to win bragging rights, money, and/or various prizes. I can’t remember a time I played fantasy sports just to do it. It’s all about winning and getting something from that win.

From day ONE, StatementGames users have competed to be ranked on the monthly LEADERBOARD to win CASH gift cards. The platform then progressed as different prizes were associated with premium tournaments.  The goal was and always has been to keep the experience fresh for all StatementGames users. In an effort to evolve the experience, the company just launched StatementGames Rewards!

What Is StatementGames REWARDS & Why Is It Important to Fantasy Sports Players

StatementGames Rewards is the latest feature added to the platform and as an avid fan of Fantasy Sports – the feature incentives me to play daily.  Like the rest of the community I do my best to accumulate Fantasy Sports Currency / StatmentGames Coins as frequently as possible.  For more details on how coins are accumulated Click HERE.  Once a healthy coin balance has been achieved, You can NOW   trade StatementGames Fantasy Sports Currency in for a E-Gift card of your choice.  StatementGames REWARDS offers something for EVERYBODY. I’m a huge graphic novel fan and the first time I used the store I was excited to see an option for a Barnes and Noble gift card. This incentive entices me to play more tournaments and win more coins so I can load up on B&N gift cards and expand my library!

How Does StatementGames REWARDS Work?

Exchanging your StatementGames COINS for Rewards is simple.  Just FOLLOW the below 5 Steps.

  1. Play www.statementgames.com and build up your account balance with COINS.
  2. From your ACCOUNT select the Rewards tab.
  3. Follow the prompt! Determine how much on your coin bank you would like to exchange for an E-gift card LINK.
  4. Select Redeem Coins Now and check your e-mail. A REWARDS LINK will be sent to the e-mail address that you have on file.  This link will take you to a catalog that has HUNDREDS of gift card options.
  5. Pick the gift card you want, and the REWARD is ALL YOURS!   Refer to the StatementGames FAQ’s if you need redemption help.

It’s pretty simple and it keeps the StatementGames experience fresh and most importantly, more REWARDING.


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