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April 5, 2019
By Adrian Reyes

StatementGames Leaderboard Shows Who Is Really The Best in Fantasy Sports

I don’t know about other people, but for me, there’s not much that is more rewarding than winning. I mean, that’s the reason all of us play Fantasy Sports. We play to win and reap the rewards that come with winning. At StatementGames, the Leaderboard has been where users go to see how they have been matching up against the competition. It is essentially the “bragging rights” hub of StatementGames and has been since day one.

Finding the Leaderboard on StatementGames in easy. Once you are logged in, there will be a tab that says LEADERBOARD that you can click and that will get right to the Leaderboards for that month. Leaderboards reset every month that way every user gets fresh start to begin the month and try their luck again at topping one, if not both, of the Leaderboards and getting their monthly prize.

Advancing Up The Rankings on StatementGames Has Never Been Easier

There are two Leaderboards for StatementGames. One for Tournament Wins and the other for Coins Earned. Some people get confused with this since they think if you have the most wins then you should have the most coins but that’s not how it works. There are 3 types of tournaments on StatementGames. The first is just our normal tournament where it costs 5 coins to enter and you can win anywhere from 5 coins from scoring in 3rd or 21 coins for placing in 1st.

Our next tournament is the Sponsored Tournaments. These cost more coins to enter but they also provide you with the most coins when you win. This is the reason some users will have more wins but not have a high coin count. These are the tournaments the user wants to win the most because not only will it get them a bunch of coins, it also gives them a shot of winning the sponsored prize, whatever it might be.

The last tournament the user can participate in is one created by either the user or another user created tournament that they are invited to. The coins earned in those varies depending on the user count and the coin count the creator sets the tournament at.

The StatementGames Leaderboard Gives the User More Ways To Earn Rewards

StatementGames is all about rewarding it’s users. Before StatementGames opened the Rewards Section and started running sponsored tournaments, it was all about the Leaderboard. And for the most part, the Leaderboard is still a big deal. What user doesn’t want their name appearing at the top of one of the Leaderboards every month?? Also, by ending the month at the top of a leaderboard, users will WIN even more coins that can be exchanged for REWARDS.  The last time I checked, Fantasy Sports is all about being the best and being rewarded for it.