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For your entertainment, a quick weekly review of StatementGames alternative Fantasy Sports (DFS). Upcoming schedule and how you can WIN FREE CASH Rewards.

NHL Fantasy Hockey

StatementGames Weekly Fantasy Sports & Entertainment Review – 02/15/2021

A big congratulations to Michael McDowell for winning the 2021 Daytona 500. One day we will expand the platform to include alternative fantasy NASCAR racing. For this week we have Prime Time NBA action but the NHL will play a major theme of the week with two key outdoor games taking place in Lake Tahoe NV.

Weekly News & Notes

  1. The StatementGames alternative fantasy sports (DFS) gaming platform is FREE 2 Play. Follow us on Facebook for key weekly NBA & NHL match-ups. We will also run contests that give you the ability to win additional CASH REWARDS.
  2. Interested to learn more on what takes place behind the scenes at StatementGames Inc.? Check out StatmentGames Live every Friday! A weekly podcast covering the business of sports gaming.

February 2021 Fantasy Sports LEADERBOARD Race Week 2.

StatementGames Fantasy Sports LEADERBOARD

StatementGames credits are awarded to those who those who finish in 1st, 2nd or 3rd in any of our alternative fantasy sports contests. Credits are also earned by claiming a top spot on the monthly LEADERBOARD. All community can exchange coins for CASH REWARDS from withing the StatementGames App at any time. (Apple & Google Play)

Tournament Wins = (Category Leader = Mrniceguy111 9)
Contest Wins = (Category Leader = Mrniceguy111 18)
Coins Earned = (Category Leader = Mrniceguy111 737.50)

StatementGames Featured Schedule -Sports & Entertainment 

Fantasy Golf


NHL | 7:00 PM EST | New York Islanders Vs Buffalo Sabres | NBCSN
NBA | 10:00 PM EST | Miami Heat Vs Los Angeles Clippers | NBATV


NHL | 7:00 PM EST | Washington Capitals Vs Pittsburgh Penguins | NBCSN
NBA | 7:30 PM EST | New Orleans Pelicans Vs Memphis Grizzlies | TNT
NBA | 10:00 PM EST | Brooklyn Nets Vs Phoenix Suns | TNT


NHL |7:30 PM EST | Tarps Off Sports – 1,000 COINS To VIP Overall TOURNAMENT WINNER | Chicago Blackhawks Vs Detroit Red Wings | NBCSN

NBA |7:30 PM EST |Houston Rockets Vs Philadelphia 76ers | ESPN
NBA |10:00 PM EST | Miami Heat Vs Golden State Warriors | ESPN


PGA | 1:00 PM EST | The Genesis Invitational – Featuring Sweet Spot DFS| Golf Channel
NBA | 7:30 PM EST | Toronto Raptors Vs Milwaukee Bucks | TNT
NBA | 10:00 PM EST | Brooklyn Nets Vs Los Angeles Lakers | TNT


NBA | 7:30 PM EST | Chicago Bulls Vs Philadelphia 76ers | ESPN
NBA | 10:00 PM EST | Utah Jazz Vs Los Angeles Clippers | ESPN


NHL | 12:30 PM EST | New York Rangers Vs Washington Capitals | NHLN

NHL |3:00 PM EST | Vegas Golden Knights Vs Colorado Avalanche Featuring – Tarps Off Sports| NBC

NBA |1:00 PM EST | San Antonio Spurs Vs New York Knicks | NBATV
NBA | 8:30 PM EST | SG 1,500 COINS To VIP Overall TOURNAMENT WINNER | Miami Heat Vs Los Angeles Lakers| ABC


NHL |3:00 PM EST | Philadelphia Flyers Vs Boston Bruins Featuring Tarps Off Sports | NBC
NHL |7:00 PM EST | New Jersey Devils Vs Washington Capitals | NBCSN
NBA |3:30 PM EST | Boston Celtics Vs New Orleans Pelicans | ABC
NBA |8:00 PM EST | Brooklyn Nets Vs Los Angeles Clippers | ESPN

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