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January 26, 2017
By Lou Saulino

You Could Not Do It Then But You Can Now!

Thirteen years ago, Super Bowl XXXIX featured the initial meeting of the combatants ready to portray gladiators in this years’ ultimate NFL encounter at U.S.  Bank Stadium in Minnesota. In 2005, the New England Patriots defeated the Philadelphia Eagles 24-21.

You couldn’t play STATEMENT GAMES then……….but you can now!

If a Super Bowl party is on your agenda, and you want your guests excited about more than just a Patriot or Eagles victory, the rating of the 30 second $5M+ TV commercials, or the Justin Timberlake led half-time extravaganza, then STATEMENT GAMES  is your answer!

Tom Brady Vs Nick Foles

Tom Brady’s stat line was 23 – 33, 236 yards, 2 TD’s and 0 INT’s in Round One of the New England vs. Philadelphia confrontation. What would be your Brady prophetic statistics for Super Bowl LII?

OVER/UNDER 25.5 completions?
OVER/UNDER 280.5 passing yards?
OVER 2.5 TD Passes?
UNDER 1.5 TD Passes?

What about Nick Foles?

OVER/UNDER 22.5 completions?
OVER/UNDER 230.5 passing yards?

Running Backs, Wide Receivers & Tight Ends

How about Running Backs or Wide receivers or Tight Ends? Statements which will test your knowledge could include:

Jay Ajayi OVER/UNDER 70.5 Rushing Yards?
Either Dion Lewis or James White WILL/WILL NOT Score a TD?
Alshon Jeffery OVER/UNDER 59.5 Receiving yards?
Danny Amendola OVER/UNDER 6.5 Receptions?
Zack Ertz OVER/UNDER 5.5 Receptions?
Rob Gronkowski OVER/UNDER 80.5 Receiving Yards?

How To Play

Click here for more details on how to play www.statementgames.com The football maven should come out on top when picking his or her top ten statements from a list of 50 or more choices. Rank your Statements from your top pick (10 points) down to your tenth choice (one point). Can you play without formal prognostication expertise? Of course! All Statements are designed for the knowledgeable football expert but the Super Bowl party participant without a pigskin history can just as well test their wits against the fantasy football professionals and then laugh in their face when proclaimed the victor!


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