NFL Fantasy Football
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Early Bird Special – NFL Fantasy Football In April!

StatementGames is giving members and opportunity to play NFL Fantasy Football today.  Of course we operate a different form of Fantasy Football, and for an overview of how our game is played – check out the 1-minute overview video found on our Home Page.

We are coming off the 1st round of the 2020 NFL Draft.  Before we hit round #2, the StatementGames platform has published an early version of our OVER / UNDER WINS Total Tournament.  The early bird games will accept entries through May 31, 2020.  The game is simple and straight forward should you wish to play:

  1. Review a list of all NFL teams and their OVER / UNDER WIN Total Number
  2. Select 10 OVER / UNDER WIN Total Props
  3. Rank your picks in order of confidence from 10 Through 1
  4. Play in leagues of 8-12 NFL fans
  5. At the conclusion of 2020 NFL Season – the individual with the most points from correct picks WINS.
  6. FREE 2 Play – Play for CREDITS that can be exchanged for REWARDS.

New York Giants OVER / UNDER 6 Total WINS

Andrew Thomas - 2019 - Football - University of Georgia Athletics

The New York Giants OVER / UNDER WIN Total line on StatementGames is 6.  If you are keying in on this STATEMENT in our version of Fantasy Football – do you think the NYG will WIN OVER or UNDER 6 games?  Since we just completed the round 1 of the NFL Draft, lets take a look at the team’s 2020 1st Pick:

Andrew Thomas

Born: 01.22.1999 (Lithonia, GA)
Height: 6’ 5”
Weight: 320 lb
Position: Tackle
College: Georgia 

… Does Andrew Thomas influence your decision on the New York Giants going OVER / UNDER 6 total WINS?  That is for you to decide.  What we can tell you is that from a management perspective, the pick makes sense.  The New York Giants brass (GM Dave Gettleman) is on thin ice and needs to protect assets.

Three Reasons Why Dave Gettleman Selected Andrew Thomas With The #4 Overall Pick – 2020 NFL Draft

The name may have taken you by surprise, but it should not be a shock that the New York Giants selected an Offensive Lineman with the #4 pick.  We can spend pages justifying this pick and from what we have researched BleedBigBlue offers the absolute best insight on this topic.  Three reasons for this Dave Gettleman selection:

  1. GM needs to protect his OTHER selections. Saquon Barkley (RB) & Daniel Jones (QB) benefit from this selection.
  2. Getting a FRANCHISE LEFT TAKLE is one of the hardest things to do in professional football. The pick addresses this need.
  3. Andrew Thomas can PLAY! OC Jason Garret & OL Coach Marc Colombo have a proven eye for O-Line talent having rebuilt the Dallas Cowboys line.  We are certain these two offered input on the selection.

Full article details can be found HERE.  Also – we all have time so… get your NFL 2020 OVER / UNDER Picks In on StatementGames!

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