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March 31, 2018
By Adrian Reyes

This Weekend – STATEMENTGAMES Test Peferfection

This weekend StatementGames will be testing perfection. With a number of members going 9 for 10 the last few weeks, the people at StatementGames want to reward you this weekend if you can accomplish perfection with more than just coins. StatementGames is reintroducing the popular 10 for 10 tournaments. It will be the first time since Super Bowl weekend!

Catching up with CEO Marc Saulino, he stated “With the debut of Baseball on StatementGames kicking off this past Thursday, I thought why not bring it back for the weekend!”

10 for 10 is exactly how it sounds. All your statements have to be correct. Yes it’s a difficult feat, but who doesn’t like a great challenge. In the lobby you can find tournaments of $25, $50, and $100 American Express GiftCards. The more coins you invest in yourself, the more money you have a chance to win. Now remember you can still win a tournament without going 10 for 10, but you will ONLY win coins to compete in more games.

Have Fun

This weekend enjoy yourselves. Just like last weekend where members had numerous chances to win popular store giftcards, today and tomorrow StatementGames is loaded with games. Whether you think you’re more knowledgeable in Baseball, Basketball or Hockey will be up to you. It’s all about proving how well you pay attention to your teams. So if you think you know your sports better than most, TRY TO GO 10 FOR 10 THIS WEEKEND TO PROVE IT!


With the New York Mets and New York Yankees both playing today, in honor of MLB Opening Day Weekend, here I give you my most confident selections which can be played on statementgames.com.


Jacob deGrom UNDER 2.5 Runs Allowed

Jacob DeGrom UNDER 6.1 Innings Pitched


New York Yankees UNDER 2.5 Homeruns

Marco Estrada OVER 5.5 Strikeouts

Justin Smoak UNDER 1.5 Extra Base Hits


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