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June 1, 2018
By Marc Saulino


The dead of Winter is long gone and we have whipped through spring… it is now official – the SUMMER OF 2018 has BEGUN!

Through www.statementgames.com we want to make your summer even more enjoyable through our new form of Fantasy Sports.   Just as a refresher, StatementGames is an on-line sports game that is changing the way casual and diehard sports fans watch Sporting Events.   Signing Up – Logging into StatementGames has always been super easy by doing so via your Facebook or Google+ accounts.

Today I want to focus on specific inquiries around WHY to play www.statementgames.com and how YOU CAN WIN $$$. 


  1. Watching sports is always more fun when you have some SKIN in the game.  Our on-line game is easy to navigate and gives you the ability to try something new without having to fund an account with a credit card / debit card.
  2. Individuals who place 1st in our tournaments receive a WINNERS notification.   The more WINs that you accumulate over the course of a given month – the higher you will rank on the STATEMENTGAMES LEADERBOARD.
  3. Individuals who place in either 1st, 2nd, or 3rd in our tournaments receive StatementGames COINS.  The more StatementGames Coins that you EARN the higher you rank on the STATEMENTGAMES LEADERBOARD.


Starting TODAY, at the conclusion of EVERY MONTH in addition to the overall winner receiving a $50 AMEX Gift card for finishing 1st in the WIN’s & COINS EARNED Columns – the individuals who finish 2 & 3 will now receive a $25 AMEX Gift card as well!  Want to see us offer more $$$?  Refer www.statementgames.com to a family member and / or friend.  Assisting in growing our community gives us the ability to award more $$$ to our members.  


For those of you who run Office Pools, Traditional Fantasy Sports Leagues, Super Bowl Boxes, etc.  Why not become a StatementGames League Manager today?

All members of StatementGames have the ability to CREATE CUSTOM / PRIVATE Tournaments!  In doing so, you call the shots! You have the ability to invite the individuals you want to play in your customized tournaments.  As with your existing Office Pools – Fantasy Sports Leagues… should you and your participants decide to play StatementGames with incentives that match those of your other leagues do so at your discretion.  The incentives that you determine are not the responsibility of StatementGames.  As the creator of the tournament you or a person you appoint is responsible for the distribution of these added incentives.  StatementGames is simply happy to provide you with the games format.  We do not require any fees or commissions for the running of your tournament.

Got questions – contact us at marketing@statementgames.com.


Marc Saulino
Taking Fantasy Sports To The NEXT Level!

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