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June 22, 2018
By Patrick Gallagher


Image result for wwe Braun strowman gifThe Monster Among Men made it clear on Sunday night at the Money in the Bank pay-per-view that he was not one to be messed with. Once again, #BraunStrowman proved that he deserves to be at the very top of the WWE Mountain, taking part in some of the most unreal spots we’ve seen in a ladder match in recent history.

Strowman successfully captured the Money in the Bank briefcase becoming the largest Mr. Money in the Bank in WWE history.

WWE creative had such a juicy nugget in “Monster in the Bank”, they just couldn’t resist capitalizing and rewarding one of the most over big men of all time.

And Strowman has wasted no time calling out the Universal Champion #BrockLesnar, of course threatening his classic line, “You’re gonna get these hands!” The large majority of the WWE Universe has grown tired of Lesnar as champion, seeing he only shows up what feels like a grand total of 3 shows a year.

Although Lesnar has defeated Strowman one-on-one in the past, the Monster in the Bank holds a whole new advantage.

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After #RomanReigns was unable to conquer the Beast at WrestleMania 34, it seemed all hope was lost. I remember when the Big Dog’s shoulders were down for the three count, I collapsed on the floor, crumpling up into a ball of sadness, thinking to myself that the Universal Championship had officially been killed.

Then, once again at the Greatest Royal Rumble event, a crooked ref stole the hearts of millions as he cost Roman the victory.

Regardless of whoever faces Lesnar at SummerSlam, the Beast will more than likely reign supreme. Roman will probably be the one to take on the challenge for the third time this year, however I would still be surprised if he won. At the end of the match however, I pray to the sweet wrestling gods, that a loud and thunderous, “BRRRRAAAAAUUUUUUNNNNN!!!” echoes throughout the arena.



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This is the most hope I have felt about the #UniversalChampionship in quite some time. Although, of course, the Money in the Bank cash-in isn’t a guaranteed championship victory, you would have to think in the hands of the Monster Among Men, it wouldn’t be put to waste. We have waited so long to see Brock Lesnar defeated, 2018 may just be the year we all take the deepest breaths of our lives.


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#BraunStrowman is always the most consistently entertaining superstar on the entire #WWE roster. From nearly nothing in the Wyatt Family, he has crawled through the ashes and created quite the legendary career for himself. I am so happy to know that he is going to get his title opportunity at some point within the next 365 days. He is our final hope.

The last beacon of salvation… please creative, don’t do us all incredibly dirty by having him fail during his cash-in! I beg you!


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