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June 20, 2019
By StatementGames Team

BigGuy Fantasy Sports & StatementGames Inc. Join Forces By Offering Value To Fantasy Football Community

BigGuy Fantasy Sports and StatementGames Inc. have joined forces in an effort to provide even more value to the Fantasy Football community.   Via a partnership, the two organizations have created a $59.49 annual subscription product.  A product that offers community members the ability to obtain:

  1. The BigGuy Fantasy Sports Consistency Guide – Over 150 pages of packed NFL player performance information. Information that will assist any Fantasy Football enthusiast in selecting a Fantasy Football team.
  2. Direct access to Bob Lung. Bob has been a Fantasy Football advocate since 1985 and is an industry EXPERT.  He has written for sites like Rotojunkie, CreativeSports, Fox Sports, Fanball & RotoExperts.  He has also been a featured guest in many industry podcasts and radio channels like Sirius XM Fantasy Sports Radio.  As part of the service, subscribers can network with Bob DIRECTLY.  Lineup selections, trade advice, etc. throughout the 2019 NFL calendar year with the assistance of Bob Lung.
  3. An opportunity to participate in even more tournaments on statementgames.com while getting a leg up on the competition.

Full details on this joint offer can be viewed HERE.

What Are The Fantasy Sports Executives Saying

“I have been a member of the Fantasy Community for years and excited to be working with the StatementGames Inc. Team.  They truly have a game that is simple yet unique.  It is unlike any game that I have seen enter into the market.  The new innovation is refreshing.”   (Bob Lung – Founder Big Guy Fantasy Sports)

“The average Joe will have a basic understand of the size of the Fantasy Sports / Sports Gambling market.  What gets lost in the shuffle is the amount of time consumers will spend searching for and acquiring content that will assist them with their endeavors.  We are excited for the opportunity to go to market with the BigGuy Fantasy Sports / StatementGames Inc. an offer.”   (Marc Saulino – CEO StatementGames Inc.)

About BigGuy Fantasy Sports

Big Guy Fantasy Sports is a premium service that helps its members identify fantasy football consistency patterns and trends. Through the services of Big Guy Fantasy Sports, you will be able to draft even more competitive Fantasy Football teams / daily & weekly line-ups. The site is owned by Fantasy Football expert, Bob Lung.

About StatementGames Inc.

Featured on outlets such as ABC, CBS, FOX & NBC… StatementGames Inc. has a new twist on fantasy sports.  Their Patent Pending technology provides sports fans with an opportunity to play a FREE on-line game that tests their handicapping skills.  Members of StatementGames select and rank prop-statements related to individual sporting events instead of drafting players.  The USER’S ability to pick correct statements determines their outcome.  A one-minute overview video on StatementGames Inc. can be found HERE.