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November 16,2018
By Marc Saulino 

Thanksgiving Is Less Than A Week Away!

We are rapidly moving into the Holiday Season!  The NFL & Turkey go hand in hand but as we approach Thanksgiving we want everyone to be SAFE.  In today’s world between work, family, and the everyday Hustle & Bustle – please take time and enjoy them with those who are closest to you!

Make Your Holiday Even More Enjoyable – FAMILY Originated Concept

Of course, we feel that www.statementgames.com can assist you in making your Holiday EVEN MORE ENJOYABLE!   The concept of StatementGames is a FAMILY originated concept!  I have vivid memories of my parents picking me up from my elementary school on Long Island and making a trip up to Hopkinton, Massachusetts for Thanksgiving.  In an effort to engage the entire family on Thanksgiving Day my father would pull each family member aside and ask them a series of PROP – STATEMENTS that could take place during the 12:30 PM Detroit Lions Games.   He would ask questions such as:

  • The Detroit Lions Will WIN By OVER / UNDER 5.5 Points
  • Barry Sanders OVER / UNDER 100 Rushing Yards
  • Hermon Moore OVER / UNDER 7.5 Receptions 
  • Jim Harbaugh OVER / UNDER 250 Yards Passing  (Jim Harbaugh Quarterbacked the Chicago Bears twice Vs the Detroit Lions on Thanksgiving Day 91 & 93)

… Once the quiz was completed he would collect $1 from you.  At the conclusion of the Lions game the family member who answered the most questions correctly WON the pot!

In today’s technological world and with the advancement of the www.statementgames.com platform, no need to muddle the waters with paper!  The Patent Pending StatementGames Inc. platform gives you the ability to apply this very simple concept digitally.  Our concept has been created for you to have FUN with a DIFFERENT form of fantasy sports.

Kick Uncle Ryan’s Ass!

Need an overview of how the game is played click HERE and watch Nicole Ryan of the Morning MashUp – Sirius Satellite Radio walk you through the process.   Play in a few of our contests TODAY and become reacquainted with www.statementgames.com.  Then click HERE watch and listen as SportsOnTheGo1 walks you through how you can create your own private tournament.  Come Thanksgiving – make the Holiday even more enjoyable by kicking UNCLE Ryan’s ASS in “StatementGames”!  And when you WIN – make the turkey’s in your league pay $1! 

Happy Holiday’s

Marc Saulino