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A full All Elite Wrestling Dynamite preview and predictions for the episode airing May 27th on TNT.

When: 8:00 PM ET, Wednesday, May 27, 2020
Where: Daily’s Place, Jacksonville, FL

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All Elite Wrestling Predictions On TNT

AEW Dynamite 5/27 Show Preview

All Elite Wrestling is looking to continue its hot streak on Dynamite after coming off a very successful Double Or Nothing pay per view event. Double Or Nothing was a very newsworthy event for AEW as new champions were crowned and new stars/contenders emerged. Cody is the first ever TNT Champion and a battle royal will be held on Dynamite to determine his first challenger. Double Or Nothing’s main event featured the Elite defeating the Inner Circle in a wild Stadium Stampede match. The Inner Circle will holding a pep rally on Dynamite this week in an attempt to rebound from their big loss. Also on Dynamite this week, Mike Tyson will be making his second AEW appearance in less than a week.

Battle Royal For TNT Championship Number One Contender

After a grueling tournament and a tough, brutal finals match against Lance Archer, Cody is the first ever TNT Champion. After starting AEW with Tony Khan and the rest of the Elite, all Cody has wanted to do is take professional wrestling to the next level and has led by example since AEW’s inception. While Cody is not able to challenge for the AEW World Title due to a stipulation in his loss to then-champion Chris Jericho, he put his heart and soul into the TNT Championship tournament and came out victorious. However, Cody will not have much time to soak in the win as his first challenger will be decided on this week’s Dynamite.

A battle royal will be held to determine Cody’s first challenger for the TNT Championship on the June 3rd edition of Dynamite. None of the participants have been named for the battle royal as of this writing. And while no participants have been named yet, that is a good thing. Wrestling is at its best when it can surprise its viewers and with AEW’s very balanced roster, there are a ton of wrestlers ready and able to face Cody next week. This will be the match Dynamite will revolve around and it should be a great one.

Inner Circle Pep Rally

People would think that a company called All ELITE Wrestling would be dominated by the group that created it, the Elite, but they would be wrong. Ever since the very first episode of Dynamite, the most dominant faction in AEW has been the Inner Circle. The Inner Circle has wreaked havoc over the AEW roster week in and week out since last October. Besides very few losses here and there, no one has been able to take down the intimidating group. But that all changed at Double or Nothing when the Elite beat the Inner Circle. 

Now after suffering their worst defeat since being created, the Inner Circle will try to regain its momentum. Their plan for regaining that momentum: a pep rally. AEW has been very creative in the content they put out so an Inner Circle pep rally should be very intriguing. The over the top antics and unpredictability of the group should make this a fun segment. Maybe the segment will also provide AEW fans with an outlook for what’s next for the popular group.

AEW Dynamite 5/27 Picks

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