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March 2, 2019
By Adrian Reyes

How To EASILY Rack Up Fantasy Sports Currency!

When it comes to fantasy sports, everyone is competing to WIN. After all YOU PLAY TO WIN THE GAME!  HELLO….  We do not just play Fantasy Sports to play – We PLAY TO WIN!  www.statementgames.com is a sports gaming platform with a different spin on Fantasy Sports but make no mistake about it – via competition you can WIN money, Prizes & Bragging Rights.  But to be able to WIN on the StatementGames, you need Fantasy Sports Currency otherwise know as: StatementGames COINS.

COINS are the only thing that you need to play in StatementGames Tournaments / Contests. StatementGames coins are our platforms currency.  They do not carry any $ value but do carry value within the Community.  There are many ways to earn COINS.

How To Get FREE Fantasy Sports Currency / COINS FREE

When you are a new user to StatementGames creating an account will automatically provide you with 60 COINS.  60 COINS will get you started as most contest entry fees are only 5-10 COINS.  The 60 COINS are our way of saying thank you for checking out www.statementgames.com  and getting you familiar with our sports gaming platform.

The easiest way to acquire Fantasy Sports Currency / COINS is to use our SPIN THE WHEEL feature. Upon logging into your account go into the MENU tab and click GET COINS, you will be re-directed to the StatementGames WHEEL with 6 numbers on it. Whatever number the WHEEL lands on upon spinning it is the amount of FREE COINS receive.  This is a DAILY feature and a simple way to pick up FREE COINS every 24 hours.

Once you have spon the daily wheel you, there is an option to buy additional COINS.  If you are having a rough week with your picks and are down on COINS for that one game you really would like to play, we give you the option to buy more COINS. You can buy COINS for these values:

5 Coins: $1.49
15 Coins: $2.49
30 Coins: $3.49
60 Coins: $4.49

Get Fantasy Sports COINS Through Competition

At the end of the day, the most rewarding way to get COINS is to play and WIN Fantasy Sports Contests! With every StatementGames contest, you are competing in leagues of 8-12 other sports handicappers.  Finish in FIRST place and WIN COINS.  Finish in 2nd or 3rd place and you will also WIN COINS.  You can compete in various Contests via our lobby or play specifically with your FRIENDS.

StatementGames COINS are great!!! But what do these COINS do besides providing you with an opportunity to enter contests?  Stay PLUGGED into our community!!!   NEW FEATURES to be announced shortly that will give you the ability to exchange your coins for prizes and experiences of your choice.  In the meantime… it is in your best interest to accumulate as many coins as you can!


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