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September 4, 2018
By StatementGames Team

It is an exciting time of the year as we approach the start of the 2018 NFL Season and the MLB Playoffs.   For the remainder of 2018 we plan on giving away even more prizes and experiences to those who compete on www.statementgames.com.  Our sports gaming platform simply has a new twist on Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) that WILL CHANGE THE WAY YOU WATCH FOOTBALL, BASEBALL, BASKETBALL or HOCKEY!

7 Things YOU Needs To Know About STATEMENTGAMES:

  1. Our goal is in give YOU a FUN experience via our on-line GAME.   To play StatementGames it is not necessary to fund an account with $$$.  This is a FREE TO PLAY PLATFORM in which members compete for prizes and experiences.
  2. Entry coins are needed to compete in tournaments.  New Members are given 60 FREE Coins just for creating an account.
  3. New Members & Existing members have the ability to earn FREE coins daily by spinning the StatementGames wheel.  (Get Coins Tab)
  4. Your objective is to COMPETE and BUILD a coin balance with as many coins as possible.  In doing so you increase your chances of WINNING various prizes ranging from sporting event tickets, gift cards, cash gift cards, sports apparel and more!
  5. StatementGames offers a MONTHLY LEADERBOARD.  Members at the TOP of the STATEMENTGAMES LEADERBOARD receive $$$ gift cards!
  6. Notifications of giveaways, prizes, & experiences available through competition are available through our blog, Newsletter and Social Media accounts. You will want to:
  1. Want to learn how you can become your own LEAGUE MANAGER and play with friends? Click HERE.

Contact us with any questions that come up!