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June 21, 2019
By StatementGames Team

Scott A. Berry Is A HERO!  How A $400 Bet Generated A $100K Return.

Lot of stuff taking place in the gaming world last week but in our opinion, NONE are more important than the story of Scott A. Berry for the following reason.  Some self proclaimed experts choose to stand on their soapbox and lecture how others should NEVER wager on their favorite sports teams.  They preach how fandom clouds judgment, eliminates your ability to process common sense and is a straight up jinx.  On behalf of Scott A. Berry… you can ALL dive straight into the fiery pits of HELL!  (We mean this in the nicest way possible not 😊 looking to ruffle any feathers just having a bit of fun.) 

Scott Berry is a diehard St. Louis Blues fan.  In Las Vegas back in January, he placed a $400 bet on the St. Louis Blues to WIN the Stanley Cup.  Believing in your team is common however, believing in your team when they are in last place and getting 250-1 odds is a different story.  Despite the odds, the Blues recently defeated the Boston Bruins in a GM 7 showdown becoming Stanley Cup Champions!  Scott received offers up to 75K to buy his ticket but never sold and never hedged his bet.  He rode the St. Louis Blues till the very end spitting in the face of hedge advisers.

Now StatementGames Inc. operates a FUN game with a different twist on Fantasy Sports.  We offer no opinion on if the actions of Scott are Correct Or Incorrect… we are NO judge or jury.  What we can say is that Scott NEVER sold out or deviated from his vision of a big payoff PLUS an NHL Championship.  Friends… this is what we call guts, courage and integrity.  This is the stuff gambling HERO’s are made of!  Bravo Scott and congratulations to the St. Louis Blues.

Upcoming Ticket Giveaway Contests – San Francisco Giants

FYI… in the upcoming weeks we will look to give away a pair of MLB tickets for every Monday night nationally televised ESPN game.  This week we have a pair of “Electronic” San Francisco Giants tickets to give away.  For an opportunity to WIN 2 FREE Reserve Infield (ROW 3) Monday June 24 Colorado Rockies Vs San Francisco Giants (San Francisco, CA – Oracle Park) you must:

  • Be Able To Attend #COLVsSFG this Monday
  • Follow StatementGames Inc. On Facebook & Twitter

Your June 21-23 www.statementgames.com Schedule

StatementGames has a new twist on Fantasy Baseball.  Overview video found HERE shows how to play.  FREE to join and never any ongoing obligations.  Your objective is to accumulate StatementGames coins and then exchange them for REWARDS from your favorite brands.

Friday June 21, 2019

MLB | New York Mets Vs Chicago Cubs | Projected Starters: Jason Vargas Vs Yu Darvish | MLB Network | 2:20 PM EST
MLB | Houston Astros Vs New York Yankees | Projected Starters: Brad Peacock Vs James Paxton | MLB Network | 7:05 PM EST

Saturday June 22, 2019

MLB |Detroit Tigers Vs Cleveland Indians | Projected Starters: Spencer Turnbull Vs Mike Clevinger | FS1 | 4:10 PM EST
MLB | Houston Astros Vs New York Yankees | Projected Starters: Wade Miley Vs Masahiro Tanaka | FOX | 7:15 PM EST

Sunday June 23, 2019 

* If you are attending any of the below games, take a picture of yourself at the ballpark!  Post this picture along with a screenshot of your StatementGames pics.  Be sure to tag @Statementgames on Facebook / Twitter and we will add 500 coins to your account balance.  These coins will count towards the JUNE LEADERBOARD!

** This Sunday’s #LAAVsSTL game is being brought to you by BigGuy Fantasy Sports.  Owner Bob Lung is recognized nationally as a Fantasy Football Expert.  He has written for sites such as Rotojunkie, CreativeSports, Fox Sports, Fanball & RotoExperts.  He has also been a featured guest in many industry podcasts and radio channels like Sirius XM Fantasy Sports Radio.  Through his work with BigGuy Fantasy sports he produces a “Consistency Guide” that will assist any Fantasy Football enthusiast with their upcoming Fantasy Football draft or NFL gaming ventures.  This guide is over 150 pages and packed with information.  It retails for $11.69 as a top seller on Amazon but will be sent to the overall Tournament WINNER FREE!

MLB | Houston Astros Vs New York Yankees | Projected Starters: Justin Verlander Vs J.A. Happ | MLB Network | 2:05 PM EST
MLB | Los Angeles Angels Vs St. Louis Cardinals | Projected Starters: Tyler Skaggs Vs Miles Mikolas | ESPN Sunday Night Baseball | 7:00 PM EST


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